Leamy Family Law


Patrick G. Leamy

Patrick earned his B.A. in Political Science from the University of Calgary and then his Law degree (LL.B.) from Queen's University at Kingston in 2000. He has practiced since 2001.

Patrick’s experience enables him to efficiently address complex matters for his clients involving court, negotiation, matrimonial contracts and strategic planning. A large part of his role involves educating clients about the relevant law and about the multitude of resolution options available to them, so that clients are fully informed and fully engaged in the decision-making process.

Mediation of family disputes is an option for those who value crafting their own resolutions amicably, fairly and openly. Mediation is an alternative process to Court which focuses participants on problem solving and preserving positive parental and co-parenting relationships. Patrick acts as an impartial mediator for both participants to assist with finding durable resolutions tailored to the parties' needs, values and goals.

Professional Associations:

Law Society of Alberta
Law Society of British Columbia (past member)

Kim Reinhart

Kim currently offers legal and mediation services in the practise area of Family Law.  This includes separation, divorce, parenting, cohabitation, prenuptial agreements, child support, spousal support, matrimonial property, and adoption.  She firmly believes in the wholistic benefits (mental, emotional, financial, etc) of out of court resolution and has enjoyed much success in resolving client matters out of court. Kim strongly encourages parties to consider and try dispute resolution activities such as mediation.  Her advocacy experience includes Provincial Court - Family divisions, Court of Queen’s Bench - Divorce and Surrogate divisions, and Judicial Dispute Resolution.


Kim is not only an accomplished lawyer, she is also a professional musician. Her first degree was in Music, and prior to practicing law, she worked in business, Post-Secondary Education, as well as multimedia production. Kim received her law degree from the University of Calgary, winning the Bishop and Mackenzie Centennial Prize (2006) for academic performance in Advanced Civil Procedure, and was admitted to the Alberta Bar in July 2007.


When not at the office, Kim maintains a strong interest and commitment to the arts. She makes full use of her musical training, singing with groups in the Calgary area and does volunteer stints with non-profit Boards. Aside from being an accomplished singer, Kim also plays keyboard instruments and a lap harp, and prefers to concentrate on music composed prior to 1750.

Professional Associations:

Law Society of Alberta