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What is an Adoption And How Can An Adoption Lawyer Help?

An adoption is different from an order granting guardianship rights (care and decision-making rights) to a person who is not a child’s parent. Step-parents or other non-parents may be granted guardianship rights over a child, but they are not at law considered the child’s biological parent. In contrast, an application for adoption is a legal process which, once approved by the Court, removes legal parental status and rights from one or more biological parents and grants that status and those rights to the adoption applicant(s). Depending on the child’s age, the child’s consent may also be needed. Quite often a step-parent is applying to adopt a child after many years of being an important and day-to-day part of that child’s life. Because the legal effect of an Adoption Order is so significant, the requirements demanded of applicants by the Court are substantial and strict but don't worry, we understand Adoption Law and are here to help you.

Why Should You Consult An Adoption Lawyer?

An adoption application should be a positive experience for a family. In any adoption application the Court is strictly focused on what is best for the child. To the applicant and sometimes also to an older child who is consenting to the adoption, it is the obvious outcome of the families’ lives and experiences together. Wading through an unfamiliar court system and learning along the way (sometimes the hard way) is not the best approach to such an important process. We are experienced with Adoption Law, and are knowledgeable in contested and un-contested adoption applications. Our knowledge and experience will guide you away from pitfalls, errors and delays, and towards the proper, timely and smooth presentation of your adoption application to the Court.

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