Billing & Fees Policy


Billing & Fees

We bill our clients on a time-spent basis. We account for our time and the work done in detail on our accounts, so you can in a practical sense ‘read the story of your file’ by reading your accounts. Legal services are a significant expense, and we provide our clients transparent accountability by describing in sufficient detail the work done underlying each bill. Most law firms bill in 6 minute increments, but we don’t. We bill in 3 minute increments. In the modern world much communication happens by e-mail. In many situations short interactions like brief e-mails or brief phone calls don’t support a “0.1” time entry on a bill. Our accounts more closely match the time spent by cutting the typical billing increment in half. We bill once each month on active files. We do not charge for photocopies, faxes, or for long distance calls made in North America. Generally work will not continue on files if sufficient retainer funds are not available to support the expected work.


Initial Consultations

To book an initial consultation, please contact Nadia at [email protected], by phone at (403) 270-7200 extension 201, or complete our online booking form.

The first 30 minutes of initial consultations are free.  If the consultation continues for significantly longer that half an hour, then the extra time is charged at our regular hourly rate. 

Meetings for Independent Legal Advice for a Contract or Settlement Agreement are charged on a regular basis for the full time spent.  Please see:
Independent Legal Advice

(403) 270-7200 ext. 201