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Lawyer Assisted Family Negotiation

Family disputes can cover a very wide range of topics from parenting schedules, disclosure of information, valuation and distribution of assets, child and spousal support and many other issues. It is normal for separating spouses to disagree about some or all of these subjects and how to resolve them. A family lawyer’s job shouldn’t be bringing all these problems into Court and fighting about them. That approach can often lead to great expense, stress and delay. Instead, counsel and the parties in the dispute should be focused on finding common ground and resolutions in family negotiation where all involved have decided what to do voluntarily, by agreement. This may not be possible for all issues, but it should be possible for most. Getting there requires thorough and forthright family negotiations.

When Is Lawyer Assisted Family Negotiation Needed?

It should go without saying that it is not a good idea to negotiate “in the dark”. If a person in a family negotiation does not understand the law that applies to their situation, the realistic strengths and weaknesses of their position or the potential outcomes where they disagree, then they are negotiating “in the dark”. Somebody in that position is uniquely vulnerable, and particularly if the other person negotiating with them is better informed.

Let Us Ensure You Negotiate With the "Lights On"

Family negotiation is an absolute must if your goal is to find efficient and appropriate resolutions and avoid the expense and pitfalls of a prolonged family dispute. The family law can be very complex at times. Leamy Family Law has extensive and focussed experience in all aspects of family law. Before we engage in negotiations our first job is to inform and teach you. The client should understand not only what their position is, but why that position is appropriate, supportable by the law and reasonable. Benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience in the family law, so that you can then engage in negotiations with all the "lights on".

Peace of Mind Comes Through Knowledge

Getting It Done

Our knowledge and experience guides and protects you. Let us come to the negotiating table with you.

Resolutions from mediation save time, stress and cost. But your mediator should understand family law. We do.

Strong, respectful, knowledgeable and competent court advocacy.

Can’t afford a lawyer? Let us educate and guide you, in the background.


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