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We Put Relationships First and Minimize Emotional Stress and Cost

Your Divorce Lawyer Should Provide Clear Answers

Separating is stressful, regardless of how it happens, whether by mutual understanding or by surprise. What happens now? What will happen to the kids? What are my rights and obligations? What will I come out of this with? How long is this going to take? What will this all cost me? Does this have to be a battle? Where do I start? These questions and many more need good answers, so you can choose to move forward constructively, with confidence and purpose. Let an experienced separation and divorce lawyer help.

Our Approach

Every relationship, every family and every separation is different. What information needs to be shared, what needs to happen now and what should wait, and how best to move forward, depends on many factors. Heading down that road with experienced guidance from a family law lawyer, while gaining understanding and knowledge along the way, provides the foundation you need to be successful after separation.

When we first meet you, you might be anxious, uncertain, confused, angry or sometimes even afraid. We will listen carefully and then educate and inform you. Greater peace of mind comes from knowledge, and from having a good understanding of what is happening and why. We are focussed only on the practice of family law. We will develop a plan that, to the extent possible achieves your goals without adversarial conflict and allows you, and your children, to move forward with dignity and security.

Peace of Mind Comes Through Knowledge

Getting It Done

Our knowledge and experience guides and protects you. Let us come to the negotiating table with you.

Resolutions from mediation save time, stress and cost. But your mediator should understand family law. We do.

Strong, respectful, knowledgeable and competent court advocacy.

Can’t afford a lawyer? Let us educate and guide you, in the background.


Initial Consultations

To book an initial consultation, please contact Nadia at [email protected], by phone at (403) 270-7200 extension 201, or complete our online booking form.

The first 30 minutes of initial consultations are free.  If the consultation continues for significantly longer that half an hour, then the extra time is charged at our regular hourly rate. 

Meetings for Independent Legal Advice for a Contract or Settlement Agreement are charged on a regular basis for the full time spent.  Please see:
Independent Legal Advice

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