Conduct of File


How We Conduct A File

Leamy Family Law uses a team approach with the client. This means the lawyer and the client work together actively to move the file forward to resolution. A team approach requires that the lawyer understands on an ongoing basis what is happening with the client, and, the client understands on an ongoing basis what the lawyer is doing and why they are doing it.

The client has the personal knowledge, fact circumstances, wishes, values and goals to instruct the lawyer with. The lawyer has the legal and practical knowledge and experience to educate the client and consult with the client, so the client can make informed decisions. These two perspectives on a family law dispute complement one another, and open communication between the lawyer and the client is essential to this approach. Ultimately, it is the client’s life, and so they will remain in control of decisions (so long as they are lawful) affecting the conduct of their file. It is impossible for a client to exert that level of involvement in their file if they are uninformed.

As a result, most communications into and out of the file are copied to the client. Any offers to resolve an issue to be sent out will not go out until approved by the client. Similarly, any offers to resolve an issue received, will not be agreed without the client’s review and approval. On an ongoing basis as well, Leamy Family Law will inform and educate the client on the law, and on the risks, costs, advantages or disadvantages of any course of action. This allows for fully informed decision making. By the time a file is resolved, both the lawyer and the client should share the same understanding of how they got there.


Initial Consultations

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The first 30 minutes of initial consultations are free.  If the consultation continues for significantly longer that half an hour, then the extra time is charged at our regular hourly rate. 

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