Initial Consultation Process


The Initial Consultation

The first 30 minutes of most initial consultations are free.  If your meeting continues significantly longer than half an hour, then the extra time spent will be charged at our regular hourly rate.  If your meeting concerns independent legal advice for a Contract, then different payment arrangements apply which you may review at this link: Independent Legal Advice 

An initial consultation is an opportunity for individuals in a family dispute to talk about their situation and get some feedback and direction from a legal expert. Leamy Family Law specializes only in family law. Apart from this however, a first meeting is also a very important chance for the individual and counsel to consider if they are comfortable with one another and want to work together. For these reasons, Leamy Family Law conducts all initial consultations face-to-face. There are sometimes situations where someone lives outside Calgary and can only consult by phone, but in all other cases the initial consultation is in person. All consultations are booked in advance by appointment. You can choose to attend alone, with a friend or some other support person.

Some basic preparation for your meeting will make it more productive. If you are engaged in a court proceeding or you have been served with some court papers, bring copies of these court documents with you. It is also helpful in situations where support issues are involved (child support or spousal support), to bring some basic information about current and recent years incomes in the family. Where property issues are involved, as they are in many separations, it is useful to summarize the various properties, assets and debts held in the family, and any information you might have about market values or account or debt balances.

The last subject discussed at an initial consultation concerns hourly rates, billing and retainers. If you decide to hire our services we will discuss these issues, tailored to your particular situation, at the end of the meeting.


Initial Consultations

To book an initial consultation, please contact Nadia at [email protected], by phone at (403) 270-7200 extension 201, or complete our online booking form.

The first 30 minutes of initial consultations are free.  If the consultation continues for significantly longer that half an hour, then the extra time is charged at our regular hourly rate. 

Meetings for Independent Legal Advice for a Contract or Settlement Agreement are charged on a regular basis for the full time spent.  Please see:
Independent Legal Advice

(403) 270-7200 ext. 201