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What Is Litigation?

Litigation is the process of taking a dispute “to Court” so it will be heard and decided by a Judge. It is an adversarial and evidence-based system that in most cases is not the best, fastest, or least expensive approach to resolving family law disputes. Going “to Court” should be a last resort. However, there are situations where parents just can’t agree on how to parent their children, there may be safety concerns for the parties or their children, or there may be property issues requiring court intervention and supervision. As well, there can be unfortunate situations where one party is simply unreasonable, uncooperative and not open to a rational or a fair outcome. In those situations the best approach may be to hire a family litigation lawyer so that a fair and proper outcome can be imposed by order of the Court.

Why Should You Hire A Family Lawyer For Court?

We are very fortunate as Canadians to have the justice system we do have. However, our Court system can be daunting and intimidating for people unfamiliar with the law and rules of procedure. Despite this, some individuals may choose to go to Court on their own without a lawyer. It is not uncommon for them to have very little knowledge of the law and to feel vulnerable and uncertain about what to do or how to act. It is almost always a mistake not to seek professional advice and guidance from a lawyer before engaging in family litigation. A litigation lawyer may even advise them that litigation is not the best place to start! Unfortunate outcomes often happen when well intentioned but unqualified people try to represent themselves in Court. Don’t be that person.

We Understand Family Litigation

Leamy Family Law has extensive Court experience. We do not hesitate to bring a dispute to Court if that is the best place for it. Our experience will ensure that you can focus on providing the evidence necessary so we can advocate your position or concerns to the Court clearly and persuasively. We have a detailed understanding of how to find the “best path” through our court system, because every file is unique, your litigation strategy will be carefully tailored to the needs of your situation, your goals and your family. You will also be fully informed and educated on what is happening (and why) along the way.

Peace of Mind Comes Through Knowledge

Getting It Done

Our knowledge and experience guides and protects you. Let us come to the negotiating table with you.

Resolutions from mediation save time, stress and cost. But your mediator should understand family law. We do.

Strong, respectful, knowledgeable and competent court advocacy.

Can’t afford a lawyer? Let us educate and guide you, in the background.


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